Term Of Use

Term Of Use

Solidcpm advertising service was created as a platform for successful cooperation between webmasters (publishers) and those wants to post ads (advertisers) at our Webstie.
Use of our service is described in the following Conditions of Use (thereafter “Conditions”). They are actual for any service we offer including trial ones. We ask read the Conditions carefully, we can offer any service in case of your agreement only.

In the Conditions we have described all the options concerning both advertiser as well as webmaster.

Our service can make amendments to this Conditions at any moment in time. All the changes are published at our Website. We don't use informing mail-out for this purpose. ther extra methods of informing are not foreseen as well.

We state it as a User’s obligation to have regular checks for updates in Conditions. We assume that User is agreeable with all the changes we have published in case he or she continues using our platform and service.

User’s Account. How to open and use it
We offer our services only to those whose age is not lower than 18 at the moment of registration. For those who don’t fit these condition, there should be an allowance in User’s country legislation to apply for our services. In both cases a person should be fully capable and also agree with the Conditions.

A person should have appropriate documents to represent the interests of another person for who an account can be created.

The owner of the account should obey all the statements described in the Conditions and all relevant documents and is fully in charge of all the actions performed from the profile.

For successful signing up we ask to write your real contact details, email, information for payments and to make a password to your account.

The email you stated should belong to you only without no availability to it by third parties. All information in your profile as well as the account itself should be also available to the owner of it only.

We may prohibit to use some emails or names with no further explanation from our side.

Only the owner is a responsible person for the information provided with, including its accuracy, and for safe-keeping and integrity of the credentials.

We can delete your profile in case anything from stated above was violated.

Please, tell us urgently if information in your account was stolen, the profile had been hacked or any other security issues have occured.

Besides to the Condition you agree to be responsible for all the actions made on behalf nad from your account.

We may terminate or hold on your account at any moment in time at our own convenience. The reasons may be no limited by the following list: Condition violation, payments regulations violations and impossibility to verify and check the information User has given. We also close the accounts if consider the activity in them as illegal, insulting or abusive, fraudful or leading to judicial proceedings in relation to third-parties or Solidcpm.

Numbers and statistics
We offer access our users to our statics and reports at Solidcpm. The traffic is measured by generally approved methods and approaches.

Legislation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the only means for interpreting this Agreement to regulate relationships regarding advertisers and webmasters.

Limitations covering using the license:
We offer to our Clients to perform their advertising campaign with the help of a non-transferable and non-exclusive limited license. However, it is not applicable for any irrelevant activities including commercial ones.

Your license will stay valid until you stop using our Website. License shall be counted as finished if a rule violation from User’s side has occured. Mind, that we do not inform in this case.

Solidcpm has additional extra rights.

If you use an account in our system you should also agree with the following positions:

1 Not to blame Solidcpm for errors in reports and statistics. We consider our reports as the only source and a reliable one. The data is generally updated several times during the day and it can be reconsidered to get rid of errors and dishonest clicks.

2 Tell us via email about the desire to close your account.

3 Accept the terms of payments. You can read about them at the pages of our Website or it may be sent to you by email.

4 Follow all our rules, instructions and regulations published at our Website.

5 Not to break all related country laws about, but not measured by, financial and advertising services, buyers’ protection, fair competition, discrimination, nationalism and racism.

6 Not to participate in distribution of illegal services, infringing goods, activities and arrangements. As an example, we include here so-called quick money services.

7 To abide by commitment and don’t break confidentiality with other parties.

8 Keep within the law about intellectual property, trade marks, commercial secrets and patents.

9 Not to offend the laws about publicity and private life safety.

10 Immediately remove your ads if this information:
can be treated as disreputable, containing scandalous, pornogrophic fearing materials or incendiary to violence;
contains humiliating information on the ground of gender basis, religious confession, sexual identity, racial characteristics, ethnic group or physical disabilities.
Distributes wrong, misleading or inaccurate information.

We don’t allow:
1 To collect the information about owners of accounts or profiles. It is also prohibited to broadcast such type of information or use it for marketing purposes. The only exception is an agreement from those users’ side.
2 To offer and share the materials requiring age restrictions, like pornography or sexual services etc.
3 To use dishonest or fraudulent methods, either manual or automatic, to increase amount of clicks.
4 To open a new profile if the latter one was closed as there were rules violations.
5 To fabricate identificators and/or headings to make the source of any content delivered through our website unavailable.
6 To obtain the code from our software or the Website or concerning technologies by all means like rethinking, rewriting, adapting or etc.
7 To use our website or related technologies in order to offer similar goods and services and/or websites.
8 To implement any programmes, devices or any other solutions like viruses, injections, trojans etc. that can steal data, break our systems or affect on our Website normal proper work

Copyright area
All the content belonging to Solidcpm (texts, videos, images, graphics and etc) is under protection of laws covering fields of authors’ rights, trademarks and related ones in the area of intellectual property.

It is prohibited and banned to use any part of it or to copy, frame or reproduce.

Advertisement contents
Only the advertiser bears responsibility for the material he publishes. We don’t check the material, neither responsible for the content, its integrity or accuracy. We are not in charge of the omissions, any kind errors and/or possible or evident losses the Customer has suffered from after publishing or using any material.

You agree and understand to bear responsibility for the risks that may arise after using your materials.

Third-parties links
There are links redirecting to resources or websites belonging to third parties (so-called “third-parties websites”). The content anyone can see or find there is not our responsibility and we don’t regulate the activities such resources can perform.

You agree that all your actions at third-party resources concerns to your responsibility only.

Losses and damages
You should compensate all the losses and damages including charges or legal costs to Solidcpm happened as the result of:
wrong or improper use of the Website or our programs;
breakages and violations of these Conditions.

Regulations concerning payments
All our users should state real Name and Surname. We check the information you stated on your bank card with that one mentioned in your profile when you ask to pay off. We are not readyto make payments if this information differs and don’t send money to other parties as well.

All our payments are effected by Solidcpm on a weekly basis and transferred to the User’s card or bank account.

Payment regulations can be reviewed by Solidcpm’s decision.
All the payments should be counted in USD/EUR.
Minimal amount for transferring is 20 USD. We will add the sum we owe to the next period for payment if the amount less.

We don’t bear responsibility for the work of banks and their payment systems.

Only webmaster itself is responsible for the data provided for it being correct and accurate. The former should inform us about any changes in payment details by email not less than 3 days before the day we affect payments. Webmaster should pay all the commissions and fees.

We may freeze any part of your payment or cancel its processing at all if there is a suspicion of rules and Conditions violation.

Solidcpm may take any sum you may owe to us if violation of rules appeared.

We consider it your duty to pay taxes for your payments. You agree to take pay all taxes to your country connected with your income obtained at the participation in Solidcpm.

We may freeze payments until receiving the documents from you with necessary fiscal information.

Solidcpm takes full responsibility and rational understanding concerning counting statistics and payments, it also includes impressions, unique clicks and all the incomes and actions made at our or Webmaster’s website.

Refunds and compensations
We handle with the requests of refunds via email only. The letter should also contain information covering the reasons.

Cases for refund:
Advertising campaign cannot be started if the materials are of improper quality, do not correspond to the demands of current legislation and some other reasons Solidcpm may take into consideration.

The advertiser himself needs to close the campaign. When this occurs the requestor should ask to stop all advertisements and the campaign itself and after it send the request to our email .... All the compensations will be calculated in the amount of not spend money. We use Solidcpm reporting system to count everything properly.

Note: we are ready to start compensation procedure and consider request itself valid if the letter was sent from the email stated in the profile in our system at the moment registration. We offer no refund if the User was caught in violations of any regulations, policies and conditions we are ruled by.

We are not responsible for our Website stable work at any moment in time. We may perform service works we find convenient.

We are never responsible for the actions performed by Webmasters.
Webmasters can be blocked in our system with no obligatory explanation from our side. We can hold the payments in case latter ones are suspected in rules violations or advertising campaign.

The Advertisers may be blocked if violation of rules regarding third-parties covering the content as soon it becomes known to us; or delays in payments happen.

We consider our statistics data as the only true source of information.

Circumstances of insuperable force
None of the parties can be blamed for not delaying or not meeting the commitments in case of force-major or circumstances of insuperable force. Under such circumstances we understand but not limit floods, fires, hurricanes, wars, disasters of natural etiology, earthquakes, strikes and some other reasons that can not be controlled or handled from any of Party’s side.

We may change this Conditions of use at any moment in time. All the changes can be considered effective since the moment of publishing at our Website.

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