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Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) is a platform for online advertising services. The Company has developed its own platform ‘Solidcpm’ (hereinafter referred to as “Solidcpm”) to offer and perform the services mentioned above.

The platform is used by advertisers (“Clients”) for the aim of displaying ads to potential buyers - users. Personal data of the users may be collected by the Company during the time of online advertising services.

The Company tends to protect and guard all received information from our Users.

The following Privacy Regulations was issued exactly to clarify the area of personal information subjected to collection, security options and opportunities to opt it out.

The principals about using and collection of the information from users we are guided by, are described below:

1 The Company holds on the obligation to inform both Clients and Users about the rules we have in Solidcpm, the methods, amount, types and ways we process the information collected.

In any case we personal Users’ information is processed.
The only exception may happen when the User has shared it with the Company by his own choice.

2 Regulations concerning collected information and Solidcpm
All the information we gather is of an anonymous type. The areas we are interested in covers such aspects like User’s IP-address, geographical location, Internet provider, type of provider’s equipment, preferable browser and its language, OS type and the sites he or she has visited. The latter information is of primary importance because we offer advertising on the ground of the topics users are interested in.

All the information collected at our platform is a statistical information only and is necessary for this purpose only.

3 Cookies
Files of such type are pasted to the hard-disc from the browser the Client uses. It certainly happens in case of a permission from your browser’s side. Such an option allows to recognize one's browser and learn certain information.

The Company’s clients may have their own database with necessary personal information. The latter one in this case can be used by this Client and to perform their advertising campaigns only.

4 How information concerning Users is used by the Company?
we offer and keep our service on the highest level;
it helps us to perform our work in a proper and full manner;
we can perform statistics researches;
we offer the Users advertisements those are really fields of their interests.

5 Privacy
We neither share nor pass the knowledge we obtained to third-parties. It may be an exception in case it acts on behalf of Solidcpm and offers advertising service activities by Solidcpm only.

The information that can be provided with is of anonymous type and conforms to Laws of England and Wales.

No data concerning credit cards is saved by our side. We apply for proved and authorized companies to process and accept all payments issues.

We adhere to Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council and thus use Transport Layer encryption (TLS 1.2) and algorithm AES with the length of the key in 256 bit to protect financial data of all the Customers.

6 Undeniable right to Opt-Out
Our Company understands the Users’ reluctance to share personal details with us.
Use Opt-Out option for it.

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