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Cookie Policy

We kindly notify our Customers about using cookies and related staff and technologies for successful work performance.

We consider it necessary to use cookies and similar approaches to guarantee high level performance of our service. Using cookies help us to provide our Clients with custom information, to records marketing and service decisions and, as a result, to get correct, accurate and detailed information.

We understand our Clients as agreeable to use cookies if they continue using our service and Website after the present notification.

We respect the unwillingness to use cookies by potential Clients and offer to make suitable corrections in your browser settings, but we cannot offer our services in this case.

What do we understand under “cookies‘ and ‘related staff’?
Cookies file includes the data of digits and letters and is stored at the devices for surfing in the Internet, it may be computers as well as tablets, smartphones and so on.

Websites owners need such a thing to get analytics, to make site work better and improve its performance.

For our successful work there are different types of files we may need:
“Crucial importance”. These files are inevitable for convenient navigation at the website and opportunity to use all its functions. Such files are absolutely harmless as give no description of a definite person. Reluctance to use these files may lead to difficulties in website using, its performance and proper work of components.

“High efficiency” cookies. These files help us to trace users interaction with our website, thus we can see the areas of greatest interest at a definite moment of time, the time spent at our site at all etc. Main aim of these type of cookies is to check error messages and make site work significantly better in whole. Here we also can get some analytics in order to estimate effectiveness of our advertising campaigns and show really adequate content for those who are interested in us and our services. The data we get at this level is also nameless and thus cannot indicate definite people.

“Operation” files necessary to check those who are coming back to our website. We can see and remember how and when you dropped into the website again, what you were doing at that moment. We do not recommend to block exactly these files as otherwise one may face troubles to reach the site or feel difficulties with its functioning.

“Target-aiming” files contain information about your actions in the Internet as well as interaction with our websites and the areas and amount of ads you have decided to look through.

We feel it as our aim to show you all the content fitting your interests.

On the other hand we see our business in giving us and our providers an opportunity to show users information that may interesting and relevant for the latter ones. We are in close touch with infoportals and specialized agencies to analyze and process this information.

As an example, we caught that some users are thoroughly examining one of our websites devoted to a definite area. In this case we can show to this group some ads of the related area in other our websites. However, this information can go to third-parties (advertisers or advertising networks) who are not our Clients but it will help to promote ads and understand the level of effectiveness of advertising campaign.

What are the methods to collect information and further ways for using it?

Different cookie files provide us with different information and main purposes of using it may be the following:
• to find easier ways for us to obtain information about your visits to our websites;
• to handle the process with orders;
• to improve our websites on the basis of information we receive about your visits;
• to take into account your interests and preferences and thus show you corresponding; information from Solidcpm, our partners and/or third-parties;
• to assist you in seeing really important and relevant information;
• to count the number of users, to understand and analyze their behaviour and on the ground of it to make necessary better changes to your website and understand users on a higher level.

Will cookies be stored for long on my devices?
We cannot say exact time of life for each cookie file. Usually, they disappear at the moment you finish Internet session.

However, there are those, so-called “permanent” files, that cannot be deleted when a user closes his or her browser.

The time of their presence is different in each particular case. It is approximately a month needed for advertising cookies to leave your devices.

We tend to use permanent cookies to understand how often people come to our pages or how often they return, whether are any differences in users’ behaviour to our websites before long or how advertising campaign influenced on the people.

Who can store cookies at my devices?
There are so-called “first-party” cookies, that are generally stored by Solidcpm team.

When other operators store their cookies, they are called “third-party” cookies.

At any case, cookies are used to have right perception and understanding of our services being used.

Some extra-information can be also collected with the help of cookies. Such fact as OS version, the browser you use or the address of transaction help us to judge about preferable routes for our websites and hence offer better services to our customers.

According to links from outside banners, text links or images we can also calculate the amount of users interested in a particular product.

We can also get some analytics from cookies and use it not only to provide the users with relevant ads but make researches as well as websites optimization.

Where mobile and Internet advertising can be applicable?
All service suppliers, technological partners and other parties participate in various types of advertising activities concerning users’ interests and to show personalized advertising materials.

Please, mind that sometimes third-party companies may use cookie files to make some services for us or ur partners. We do not bear responsibility neither for the ways of using the technologies above nor regulate the rules or actions concerning it use.

The content of ads depends on your actions in the Internet (from PC or mobile devices), your responses, or absence of them, to our ads, your geographical position and some other factors. You may see the adds at our websites or at the pages of third-parties.

Technological partners who assist us with advertising campaigns may also represent associations of self-regulated type.

The ads you may see at current website are in a direct dependence of your search requests, pages you visit, actions your make at our websites and some other factors.

How operation of cookie files should be performed?
Vast majority of browsers have a default option to accept cookies. However, it is possible to change it manually: you may be asked when a cookies file can be downloaded or files of that type may be simply blocked.

There are many variants for correct operation. Please, see the instructions of your browser about it.

Keep in mind, that if you block cookies from Solidcpm you may face difficulties while using our website and you may not get some important personal information.

In case of using several devices connected with our service - please, make sure all of them have right cookies settings for you to have comfort work.

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