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Internet advertising is becoming more and more difficult. Everyone is looking for a stable and secure network that can take solve of all online ads problems. So, here SolidCPM, with it's own and partner's great performance advertising networks. If terms such as CPS, CPA, CPL, CPI, CPM, CPC and CPV confuse you, so you have to contact us and we will provide service for advertising network. Actually, working with our optimization of the backend part, we always transfer traffic for our costumers!

This exclusive and stable network works with Direct Response and Branding sensitiv campaigns. Also, we accept as well as deliver media on a CPM, CPV and CPC basis and are presently representing over 3,000 partner websites under SolidCPM.

It is really confortable and easy to work with our system as we accept all standard creative sizes in addition to expandable banners, pre-roll video and rich media.

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SolidCPM is a large traffiс network for traffic exchange by publishers, advertisers and media buyers.
SolidCPM is one of the huge and very advanced Internet advertising platform.

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